Fortune Properties

Some of the happiest stories are written in a fortune property

The flagship company of The Fortune Group, Fortune Properties has played a key role in bringing hundreds of happy families to their dream home at Fortune Cosmos, a one-of-its-kind project just off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore.

And Fortune Cosmos is just the beginning...Fortune Properties has been busy acquiring land in some of the most sought-after localities in Bangalore. Understanding that location is one of the most critical aspects in the appreciation of property, Fortune Properties takes great care to choose its properties, and chooses them wisely. It also ensures that every property that it buys has clear, marketable titles. Which means, your investment not just appreciates but is also 100% secure.

Already in the process of developing 10.27 million square feet of property, Fortune Properties offers its customers a bouquet of choices: sites in premium residential enclaves with excellent amenities, luxury apartments, row houses and villas... even commercial spaces!

On our panel are some of the best architects, working round-the-clock to translate your dream into concrete reality. Aesthetics blend harmoniously with functionality. After all, your home or workplace is not merely a showpiece but a place where you spend some of the most memorable moments of your life!

Fortune Properties is a quality-conscious organization. Whether it is selecting a site, choosing building material or delivering a finished building, Fortune Properties ensures that no corners are cut and no compromises made on quality. In-house surveyors, consultants and contractors allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality - from start to finish!

Monitoring costs to ensure that you get full value for your money, delivering on schedule, demystifying procedures and making them simple and hassle-free, being totally transparent in all our dealings...these are some other aspects that have endeared Fortune Properties to its quickly-expanding customer base.

The Property Management division of Fortune Properties offers customers comprehensive services, including development consultancy, occupation management, maintenance and security-related activities.


Team Fortune


Team Fortune is a company bursting with fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Obsolete theories and old-fashioned rules are brushed aside and the focus clearly is on customer delight - not just as a buzzword but as a business philosophy.

Team Fortune, initially established as the marketing arm for Fortune Properties, is now a full-fledged company, helping many a family find the shortest route home or guiding a savvy investor on the right property to buy.

The intense and single-minded customer focus means that Team Fortune gets involved in activities that are beyond the purview of most conventional marketing organizations. So you have Team Fortune answering your queries, consulting you on various aspects, gathering information on your behalf, providing you with a comprehensive blueprint of the project, working out the most competitive rates, helping you with legal procedures, anticipating and solving your property concerns and taking care of every detail, right up to the handover of your property. In other words, adding value, every single time!

Coupled with its total identification with customers, Team Fortune’s innovative marketing ideas, its quick and efficient services, its tireless efforts in putting you first... all these make Team Fortune, your perfect property partner, whether you are developing a property or investing in one.


Fortune Care


Children carrying bricks at a construction site when they should be carrying books to school. Poverty coming to stay in bleak hovels. A total absence of hope robbing away even the smallest glimmer in a woman’s eyes.

Senior citizens being abandoned when they most need support... There are hundreds and hundreds of stories that have not-so-happy endings. A fact that Fortune Care is striving to change. With its credo of ‘Adopting Hope,’ Fortune Care is slowly and steadily changing the story of many a destitute person. Adopting underprivileged families. Adopting needy communities. Adopting backward villages... Fortune Care gives them a reason to hope, once again. And as an ancient Arabian proverb points out : “Where there is hope, there is everything.”

Fortune Care is especially proud of Sandhya Jyothi: a Care Centre for the elderly. Here, specially trained and competent personnel will look after and provide much-needed comfort and companionship for those in the evening of their life. Every Fortune Properties Project will have some dedicated space for Sandhya Jyothi.

Understanding that the vicious cycle of poverty can be broken only through education, Fortune Care is actively promoting this empowerment tool.

Not only does it take care of the educational needs of underprivileged children, but it is also looking at building schools and colleges for them. Vocational training too will be imparted to unemployed youth and needy women. Health and hygiene, nutrition, employment opportunities, gender equality...these will be the other concerns Fortune Care will address, with the sole intention of improving the lives of our less-fortunate fellow men.


Fortune Hatcheries

Creating ‘eggstraordinary’ profits for clients

You are what you eat’ is a popular refrain, yet perhaps a more appropriate trope in today’s day and age would be ‘You are what your food eats.’

Given our unwavering commitment to our customers and their well-being, we can guarantee that what they - and their food - eat is healthy, wholesome and organic. Established in 2010, Fortune Hatcheries, based out of Karnataka, breeds the premium Vencobb Chicken which is highly popular across the length and breadth of the country. Over the years, Fortune Hatcheries has not only built a loyal client base that we are truly proud of, but has also helped our clients create ‘eggstraordinary’ profits!

Fortune Hatcheries are managed with the utmost care and with a sharp eye on quality. Hygiene is paramount in our well-maintained farms.


Fortune Techcorp

Wonderful things happen when vision meets innovation!

The only constant in today’s world is change” say the experts. We at Fortune TechCorp would like to differ. The only constant in our world is innovation. Embracing change, leveraging it to our advantage and the advantage of our customers, Fortune TechCorp innovates continuously to lead the way in professional IT Services, Web Development & Software Development, Training & IT Consultancy.

In a world that’s steered by technology, the potential for growth is infinite. Helping companies and business concerns capitalize on unlimited opportunities is our principal focus. Forging a strong alliance with global partners, Fortune TechCorp reaches out to customers in five verticals across 10 countries. Empowering them to surge ahead on the scales of progression, we aim to be the change that is tomorrow. Quality is a given at Fortune TechCorp - not just in the codes we write or the solutions we develop, but in the services we provide. Conforming to the highest industry standards, the competent and quality-obsessed professionals at Fortune TechCorp strive to raise the quality bar - again and yet again.

For innovation to click, it must move from the realms of imagination and into reality. It must make the arduous, yet rewarding journey from an indistinct thought in the customer’s mind, to a creative idea in the developer's head and finally to a well-defined, well-executed and well-implemented software code or solution. The team at Fortune TechCorp understands this intimately. And translates this understanding into technological triumphs.

With an extensive range of technology competencies, Fortune TechCorp is well-equipped to design, develop and implement customized solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations. Our range of services include:

  • Infrastructure & Cloud Services
  • Professional IT Training
  • Application & Product Development and Maintenance
  • Portal Development & Maintenance
  • Enterprise Architecture & System Integration
  • Profession Consulting Services
  • Big Data Strategy & Data Science Solutions

The inimitable combination of talent and technology gives Fortune TechCorp the bandwidth to undertake and successfully complete projects of any scope or scale and provide expertise in different areas under one roof.


Fortune Tourism

Taking India to the world and bringing the world to India

India has long been a source of perpetual fascination for many. Its awe-inspiring history, staggering diversity, multitude of languages and cuisines, and its scenic beauty have drawn people from all corners of the globe.

Travelling through India, you are likely to stumble upon 300-year old history, tucked in the nooks and crannies of Old Delhi. The majestic beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World will welcome you and the moonlit white deserts of Kutch will leave you stunned. In many ways, India is not just a country, but an experience.

Over the last couple of decades, India has also become the hub of tourism of a different kind; tourism that seeks to feed the soul and heal the body: medical tourism.

India’s healthcare sector is booming. Our skilled surgeons, talented doctors and experienced medical personnel draw patients from countries near and far. India also offers patients a host of alternative, holistic treatments to choose from whether it is Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy or Homeopathy.

Fortune Tourism aims to take both India to the world as well as bring the world to India!


Fortune Sunergy

A dash of blue for a greener world!

From the time man first rubbed two stones together to light a fire, energy - and the way it is used - has shaped the history of mankind. In the modern context too, one of the key indicators of economic growth has been the per capita consumption of energy. In most cases, “no energy” is equivalent to “no development”. Despite the massive strides that we have taken in all areas of development, over a billion people in the world still do not have access to modern energy sources.

This means, over a billion people who cannot participate in the story of our progress. Energy and development are closely interlinked, with the former impacting all aspects of development - social, economic, and environmental. Energy, therefore, is a key area for the ‘Base of the Pyramid’ (BoP) approach. While the poor spend money on energy, it is not necessarily the cheapest, healthiest or cleanest energy option.

At Fortune Sunergy, we believe that providing clean, affordable energy to meet the basic energy needs of the poor is not just about market potential but about reducing poverty, meeting development challenges and facilitating inclusive growth; it is not just about bringing light to villages with no grid power, but also about providing irrigation to fields, bridging the digital divide by bringing computers to schools, providing clinic refrigeration, etc.

Another compelling reason that drives Fortune Sunergy forward on its mission to promote renewable energy, is the irreparable damage that fossil fuels are causing our environment. Temperatures are rising. Our rivers are getting polluted. Our glaciers are receding. Natural disasters are occurring at a greater frequency than ever before. The very air we breathe in, is becoming toxic.

Choosing to go solar is not only about energy economics, it is also about participating in the fight against global warming and climate change. While the reduced operating costs, the good Return on Investment and the negligible maintenance have a very positive impact on the bottom-line, the impact on the environment is far greater! When they generate their own zero-emission energy, businesses also generate a positive response amongst all stakeholders.

Yes, demonstrating environmental leadership pays rich dividends! And helping responsible businesses go green is Fortune Sunergy. With unmatched experience in offering customised solar solutions for a wide range of sectors, Fortune Sunergy has built an ever expanding portfolio of solar solutions, from Solar Power Plants, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Pump Controllers, Solar UPS/Inverter, Solar LED Street Lights and many more.


Fortune Hospitality

Breaking cultural differences by breaking bread together...

They say that good food has the power to bring people, communities and countries together. Partake in a country’s cuisine and you partake in its rich cultural history and travel through the secret mazes of its culinary tradition. With every bite, differences blur into nothingness and similarities take centre stage. That comforting new dish brings to mind childhood memories of your grandmother’s handmade delicacies. That piping hot meal in a strange land reminds you of road travel adventures back home. And that unexpected burst of flavour in your culinary experiments takes you back to days spent in food eating competitions with your cousins. Food, after all, is about memories; new memories that build on the old.

As a multi-cultural country, India has a truly astounding array of culinary choices for the bon vivant in all of us.

We, at The Fortune Group, are proud to do our bit to introduce the world to Indian cuisine through Fortune Restaurants.

Fortune Restaurants will be led by experts who have earned their stripes by putting in years of hard work in the culinary industry. Under their guidance, the Restaurants promise to take customers on an unforgettable culinary journey to India, replete, of course, with the warm hospitality characteristic of the country.

Here’s to breaking bread and cultural differences!



Fortune Cosmos

Fortune Cosmos, an offering of Fortune Properties, celebrates the ‘spirit of Greece, in a wealth of green.’ Inspired by the Greeks, those enlightened souls who believed in living life in harmony with Nature, this one-of-its-kind residential community is located just off Bangalore’s Sarjapur Road, the hotbed of the IT Sector. A number of Tech Parks and MNCs are in the vicinity. But enter Fortune Cosmos and everything seems to fade to the background. And what emerges is life as it is means to be lived: richly, joyously, magically!

Exquisitely designed villas that nestle in verdant environs come with a host of lifestyle amenities. These include Designer Landscaped Gardens & Parks, a Health Club with a fully-equippped Gymnasium and Steam/Sauna Room, Jogging Track, Tennis Courts, Kids Play Area, Philos - the Clubhouse with a Party Hall, a Coffee Shop and Indoor Games, Swimming Pool, Agora - the Convenience Store, Helios - the Business Tower, Common Car Parking Area, Rainwater Harvesting Facilities and more.

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