Team Fortune

Team Fortune is a company bursting with fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Obsolete theories and old-fashioned rules are brushed aside and the focus clearly is on customer delight - not just as a buzzword but as a business philosophy.

Team Fortune, initially established as the marketing arm for Fortune Properties, is now a full-fledged company, helping many a family find the shortest route home or guiding a savvy investor on the right property to buy.

The intense and single-minded customer focus means that Team Fortune gets involved in activities that are beyond the purview of most conventional marketing organizations. So you have Team Fortune answering your queries, consulting you on various aspects, gathering information on your behalf, providing you with a comprehensive blueprint of the project, working out the most competitive rates, helping you with legal procedures, anticipating and solving your property concerns and taking care of every detail, right up to the handover of your property.

In other words, adding value, every single time! Coupled with its total identification with customers, Team Fortune’s innovative marketing ideas, its quick and efficient services, its tireless efforts in putting you first... all these make Team Fortune, your perfect property partner, whether you are developing a property or investing in one.